This a special message for Jenny : the Queen of puddings. Easy to make and so delicious !

On peut comparer ce dessert avec un clafouti, sachant que j'ai testé avec du raisin, ce qui convient aussi très bien.

You need 100g white breadcumps, lemon, 200 cl milk, 2 eggs, 100 g butter, 40 g sugar, ginger jam (or apricot)

How to ? it takes about 1 hour alltogether

1. Put some lemon in the milk and put the pan on the fire. Let it come to boil slowly.

2. Meanwhile, switch the oven (180°C) and smooth the butter in it. Keep some butter in the back of the oven dish.

3. Add the breadcrumbs in little pieces for 10 mns in the first dish.

4. Add the egg-yolks and put the dish in the oven ( on another dish with water ) for about 30 mns.

5 Meanwhile, realise a meringue with the whites and sugar.

6. Add the ginger jam (or grappes) on the top of the Queen's cake and leave it about 10 mns (180°c) in the oven.

7Add the meringue (6 mns in the oven).

8. Leave it cool for 10 mns before tasting.

JUST ENJOY it ! A light tea is good idea...                            (extract from "The coocking of the british isles" a sainsbury cookbook from Glynn Christian)